Medium voltage installations

The Zwijsen Group's medium voltage division operates in several different fields. As well as placing new boxes (both concrete and interior boxes), we also specialise in refurbishing and servicing existing installations. Connecting medium-voltage cables with professional coupling sleeves is another of our technical specialities.

Specific training

We pay the utmost care to safety and quality requirements when undertaking maintenance and renovation activities, such as placing new boxes. Reinforcing existing installations or bringing them into line with current legislation are run-of-the-mill tasks for our staff, who receive special training towards this end.

Across-the-board projects

Thanks to the Zwijsen Group's own panels and metal construction division, all projects can be completed from start to finish so the customer can count on having a one-stop-shop to deal with all the requirements.  If need be, we can  also supply the necessary professional knowledge to ensure  all the construction activities that have to be carried out  are smoothly coordinated.